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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Featured Artist Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard

I ran across the cutest shop! I was amazed by all the storybook characters, mermaids, fairies and playsets there. Here's an interview from Beccijo at The Enchanted Cupboard on 1000markets.

Tell us about yourself?
There are may parts of me and who I am. Mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend. I have always been a creator, painter, storyteller but my heart is alive with being a Toy Maker. I really feel I found myself, the part that thrives. It has made me see life in full color again. When I am creating I feel like my cells are singing!

What inspires you the most?
My childhood and my children. Many of the ideas came from my daydreams as a child and things I dream up for my children. Now as I move in to being an established Toy Maker I find myself watching how children play with my toys. Often times they will say things that I had not thought of like; "Where is the daddy mermaid?", now I am working on him and his name. My children now brainstorm with me about what else needs to be added to any of the toy series. My business has become a creative and fun part of our family.

Do you have any unique talents?
My painting has always been an important part of who I am. Sometimes parts get lost or unused as life takes over. My dolls let me paint and be creative in a very fun way. I am also very big on us being a green family and we have learned to make lots of the every day things we need by ourselves.

What promotional tools have been the most effective for your shop?
Teams and Markets, getting connected is good for marketing, getting ideas, and finding out the ins-n-outs of online selling. Being a good listener (reader) if you don't know the answer go Google it and learn.

As a handmade seller, what lesson did you learn the hard way?
During your down time stock up for big selling times. This past season really went by in a blur of swirling colors and fairies dancing in my sleep. I really felt like one of Santa's elves but unlike them my deadline was much sooner then Christmas Eve.

What is your best selling item?
My "The Fairy Ring" series are my best sellers, people just love all the wonderful delighted feelings these little ladies bring. The fairies, playsets, Playboxes, and accessories sets are bought for young and old. This past holiday season they have traveled all over the world.

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