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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twitter ~ To follow or not to follow...

I'm just reading through the ETSY forums and there's a post about following people on Twitter. I always see people posting in the forums...."I won't follow someone who promotes their products on Twitter." This sort of blows my mind. Isn't Twitter for promoting and networking? Personally I don't think I would want to do business with someone that would exclude a person because of "Too much promoting..." I suppose I'm being hypocritical by making that statement , hmmm.

However, I see all these people that have hundreds of followers and they are only following fifty or so back. This makes no sense to me. If someone can explain this I would greatly appreciate it.

It seems to me you are turning away perfectly good customers by not following. All a person has to do is check their Twitter Karma to find out who exactly is not following them. Recently I have been checking my Twitter Karma to eliminate people that are not following me because I couldn't follow more than 2000 people if I didn't. Now I'm past the 2000 mark and I won't eliminate anyone else. What if they do decide to follow me eventually that might mean one more sale to keep my business going.

Just felt like venting today.... If you want to follow me on Twitter.... I will follow you back. Feel free to promote all you want. I want to see your products and I might not see them otherwise.


  1. So interesting..just the other day someone was talking about how they wouldn't follow people on Twitter if all they were tweeting was "I'm having a coffee" and other personal things..lol. It takes all kinds. I will follow you on twitter, I love your stuff, promote away!


  2. It really does take all kinds to make twitter interesting. I will unfollow someone who does nothing but shout about their shop because I am not there for buying... I am there for information and entertainment. I have purchased numerous things from people I met on twitter, but not because they sent me an ad. I want to get to know people and I want those people to be interesting. So I do indeed unfollow people who only tell me about what they eat for each meal and mention every Red Bull they open. But people who update on their daily activities AND tweet interesting links, pithy sayings, political news and opinion, well, they are staying in my stream, and I may even go over to follow their more interesting friends too as I learn more over time. For me, twitter is not about the number of followers. It is to enrich my life.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have more to say about this topic, so I think I'll blog about it soon.

  3. I love twitter personally!
    It's been wonderful for me. And as for following, I follow everyone who follows me.
    I think if we support each other, then whats the big deal!?
    We meet more friends that way and you never know what will happen.

  4. i haven't quite decided if i like twitter or not yet..

    also almond butter sounds yummy.. i've never tried it :D

  5. I just can't get into the whole twitter thing. Maybe in a few monthes, but Facebook is about all I can handle!


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