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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free Itunes Codes....

Starbucks has free Itunes music downloads. I usually will grab a few and hand them out to friends. I thought I would share the codes here.

The band is The Airborne Toxic Event. The song is the acoustic version of their latest release "Sometime Around Midnight".

I really enjoyed this free download. If you like unique sounding Indie Rock you will probably love this song. Their style sort of reminds me of Kings of Leon mixed with The Flaming Lips.

Here are the codes,

1. w6e9rteay9we
2. rwa9xrr9mpr4
3. 7them9exmttf
4. n7nayhky9fhj
5. xya77j34pxrt

If you use one, please comment with the number you used so everyone will know =)

I liked it well enough that I downloaded their album onto my Rhapsody player. I've been listening all day while pealing wallpaper off my bathroom wall. (not fun by the way) They made it a little more enjoyable.

Happy listening!


  1. email me one to wrestlinglizards@aol.com

  2. email me one to whatthebeep@ymail.com

  3. send me one to nynite@live.com

  4. drewdawg_24@yahoo.com please =]

  5. would love to listen to these if you still have any codes available! could you please email it to me at xhoyos@gmail.com


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