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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am so annoyed. I'm watching Inside Edition; a guilty pleasure. Madonna is adopting a child and 150 human rights agencies are rallying against the adoption. The child has a grandmother and the grandmother looks to be elderly. Wouldn't it be better to have Madonna adopt your grandchild? Couldn't they work something out --like regular phone calls and visits a few times a year? Plus the child is currently living in an orphanage. If the grandmother was capable wouldn't the child be living with her already.
I can't figure out why on earth a human rights agency would spend time and effort on this. I feel like I must be missing something. I suppose I'm not hearing the whole story from Inside Edition. They aren't exactly a reputable source.
I can think of a few reasons, maybe they feel it's better for an African child to be raised in Africa with their community and culture? Maybe they think Madonna should be married to have children? (nooo, that's too crazy). Hmmm, maybe they think she's circumventing some international adoption law because she's rich? hmmm, who knows.
......still annoyed.

I say just leave it alone, she'll probably be able to adopt the child anyway regardless of the human rights agencies efforts....


  1. yeah she looks like she raised her daughter fine. i think she should be allowed to.

  2. I am terribly annoyed just READING about this, but I get super worked-up over agencies who claim to have 'the child's best interest' in mind, but really just seem to want to get some publicity by causing a scene. I'd like to know what makes these people such experts at EVERY SINGLE child's life that THEY know what is 'best' for them?? If an orphaned child (and if you're in an orphanage, you're an orphan) and someone wants to take you home (and I really think it's the perfect time to break color barriers, if possible) then it is in your best interest to go live with that loving family.
    With all of the outrageous things Madonna has done, I don't ever recall any of them being about being a bad mother.
    And for the record, I can't stand the 'single mother' agrument they try to lay on us.
    Try this: loving home=happy, well-adjusted child!
    Man, you got my pulse racing with this one!! ;)


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