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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

End Procrastination Hypnosis CD

I added a new listing to my ETSY shop today. End procrastination. I spent time this weekend writing the script. I found this picture to use for the cover. Can't decide if I like it or not. The title of it is "The Goddess of Procrastination". I figure it is appropriate for this CD. Something about it bugs me though.

Anyway, This is the description I came up with for the CD:

This CD helps you get out the habit of procrastinating. It focuses on all the time spent worrying and feeling guilty about not accomplishing your goals. This CD increases your desire to get things finished so you can make more time for the real things you want to do. Finally, it inspires a strong desire to get things finished quickly and effectively. This CD is 47 minutes in length.Also available as an mp3. It's listed here.

Now.... need to put on Artfire, 1000 markets and Bonanzle.

Too bad I have to leave for work now. I wish I could just run this shop full time. Wouldn't that be wonderful??

ah well, back to reality. Off to a training in Staunton VA about therapy with chronic pain clients.

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