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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Simple System for Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a very powerful way to transform your life. With practice and consistency you can use this tool on a daily basis to make lasting changes in your life. To help my personal clients learn self-hypnosis, I developed a very simple self-hypnosis system called PREVAIL

 P.R.E.V.A.I.L takes a person through all the necessary steps to succeed at self-hypnosis.

(P)repare your surroundings.
For hypnosis to be successful you must make the environment relaxing and free from distractions. I suggest choosing a time when you will be alone and undisturbed. Find a comfortable chair or place to lie down. Silence your phone and put a sign on the door if necessary. Choose a soothing nature or music CD to play quietly in the background.

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation. To achieve this state you must learn to relax your body and calm your mind. There are numerous ways to achieve this state of relaxation. A very popular induction is visualizing a healing, warming white light. Take this light and start with your toes. Imagine this light focusing on your toes and slowly moving up your body. As the light touches each part of your body, feel the tension and tightness of your muscles leave.

(E)mphasis on breathing.
Breathing is a simple and sure-fire way to instantly relax your body. A simple 3-4-5 system can help you focus on your breathing. Inhale for three seconds, hold for four seconds and exhale for five. Incorporate the breathing techniques into the total body relaxation.

(V)isualize your surroundings.
This is the part of self-hypnosis that can be really fun. Here you can imagine any place that brings you serenity. Your peaceful place can come from your childhood, an imaginary land, or even a beautiful place where you vacationed in the past. You can make it the perfect temperature, time of day or you can imagine you are surrounded by anything you choose; animals, angels, people you love, or you can be totally alone. Make it real, vivid and perfect.

(A)cknowledge your desires.
The key to self-hypnosis acknowledging what you want to change in your life. Many people choose to write out their desires before starting the self-hypnosis session. You can write down everything you aspire to be. Everything you want your subconscious mind to absorb and incorporate into your conscious state of being.

(I)nclude specifics.
Be very specific and deliberate about the statements you are giving to your subconscious mind.  Remember to write your desires in the positive tense. The subconscious mind does not register negatives. If you say, “I am no longer miserable”, the subconscious mind hears “I am miserable”.  A better more specific approach might be “I am so happy and fulfilled now that I have removed negativity from my life.” “I am filled with excitement and joy with my positive attitude.” Once in the self-hypnotic state you can mentally recite the specific desires you have created.

(L)eave feeling peaceful.
When you’re ready to leave this state of deep relaxation you can make a conscious decision to depart taking with you all the messages your subconscious mind has received. To come back to the here and now, you can wiggle your toes, hands, legs, arms etc. and pay attention to your breathing. Alternatively, you can set a quiet alarm to let you know when it’s time to come back to the room awakened and aware.

My PREVAIL system is extremely effective for making long lasting positive changes in your life. Self-hypnosis can help with weight loss, depression, pain relief, fear, confidence and an array of other issues.I would love to hear your experiences with my system and your successful testimonials!

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