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Monday, April 5, 2010

Geocaching - The Modern Day Treasure Hunt

I have decided I need to get more consistent with my blogging efforts. I really enjoy writing about the events in my life but hardly ever make myself sit down and write. The days all seem to run together lately. I think it is great self care to sit down and be quiet with my thoughts away from the tv, job, gym, boyfriend etc.

This weekend I went camping and Geocaching with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. We had a great time! What's Geocaching you might ask? Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunting game. People hide these caches (cashes) of treasure all over the world and you use your GPS device to find the cache! We were staying at an obscure state park this weekend and there were seven caches within a half mile of us. The actual "treasures" we found were trinkets, tracking coins (part of the game) and log books to document that you found the cache.

In my opinion, the best part was the actual process of hunting the cache. We had so much fun! I plan to do a lot more Geocaching. I downloaded an app for my Iphone for geocaching and discovered these caches are everywhere!


  1. I have heard of this and always thought it sounded like fun.


  2. I completely agree about the blogging. Blogging or journaling is very therapeutic.

    And geocaching sounds like fun!

  3. My kids and I love to geocache. It is a fun little treasure hunt that does not cost a lot of money to do.
    Plus a couple of years ago Jeep was giving away vehicles this way. That would be a real prize to find.


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