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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Featured Artist Interview Polkadile on ETSY

I had a great time featuring Polkadile over at Notes from the Handmade Highway. I thought I would feature her on my blog as well. Have fun getting to know Adaleta Maslo-Krkovic from Polkadile!

Tell us about yourself:
It all comes from interacting with people, but my greatest inspiration is my son and his exploration of the natural world. Almost each piece of jewelry in my shop is somehow related to him, and you'll see that in the descriptions.

What other talents do you have:
I am a media artist, I take tons of photographs, make films, installations etc. I also love to sew and make things.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being an artist:
The most rewarding thing is the process of making. I am addicted to that, and I sometimes feel that it is the creativity that makes me open my eyes in the morning.

What promotional tools have been most successful for you:
I've done Facebook and Twitter, as well as Project Wonderful ads, and they have all been effective. But the word of mouth is the most effective.

What advice would you give a new crafter and/or a crafter who's been at it for awhile and hitting a rough spot:
Don't give up, think why are you doing it, and stick to it.

As a handmade seller, what lesson did you learn the hard way:
Promoting takes the most time. That is the hardest thing for me.

What's your best selling item:
Men's rings are going the best. I guess because guys like to have interesting jewelry too, and we often forget about their tastes.



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  2. My son is my business consultant for my paper business. I can see your son's inspiration in your work. I particularly love the green jasper & seed beads bracelet!!


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