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Monday, January 4, 2010

Movie Review ~ Invictus

This weekend I went to see Invictus with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. Invictousis the Latin word for Unconquerable. This is the true story of Nelson Mandela and the South African rugby team. Going into this movie I wasn't sure what to expect. Leaving the only word I can use is 'inspirational'.

I had heard Nelson Mandela's name before but really didn't know his story or about the Apartheid in South African. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 year because he led a party against Apartheid. After his release he was elected as president of South Africa. Racial separation was a major issue in South Africa. Invictus is the story of how Mandela used the rugby to to unite the nation. Quite an amazing story. I was transfixed by Freeman's portrayal of Mandela and I'm amazed by the quiet wisdom of Mandela.

As soon as I got home. I downloaded Mandela's autobiography to my Kindle. I've started reading, Long Walk to Freedom and I'm already totally engrossed in it. If you get a chance, go see Invictus!

Above Artwork Features a Quote by Nelson Mandela and is from Artbyerinleigh on ETSY.

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  1. Great post.. made me rethink about my initial thoughts of not going to watch that movie. Thanks! It was a great article.

    God Bless


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