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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dream Dinners

I had a wonderful night last night! I decided to go to a Dream Dinners session. I'm always struggling with cooking meals for two people. I find all these wonderful meals I want to cook so I go out and buy all the ingredients needed and make a great meal. Inevitably, I always end up throwing out half a bottle of this and half a jar of that after a few weeks of not using the ingredient again.
Dream Dinners is a Godsend! This place is fantastic. You go to their website, pick out 36 portions on their menu. I chose 6 meals of 6 portions. They offer nutritional information for all of the meals. I chose mostly the heart healthy options since I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member and need to keep track of my points.

When I arrived at Dream Dinners I was greeted by a very friendly employee who welcomed me and explained the process. There is a station set up for each meal they offer. I went to my first session and she explained that I place a gallon Ziploc bag inside of a canister. From there you fill bag according to the recipe in front of you with the ingredients in front of you. Everything is prepared, chopped, minced, grated etc. Easy as pie. I made all six meals in under 1 hour. I placed them all in freezer safe packages along with the defrosting and assembly/cooking instructions. I brought them home ready to serve as soon as we are ready to eat them.

I'm hoping they'll taste as good as they appear to taste. I will need to remember to place each meal in the fridge 24 hours before cooking.

My only complaint would be the lack of sides accompaniments. When I signed up I assumed there would be something to accompany the dishes, but no luck. They did have frozen sides available for an additional cost but I decided not to purchase those.

Overall, I feel it was worth the $172.00 I spent. This comes out to about $28.00 a meal. This sounds like a lot but when I factor in all the food I throw out, time spent at the grocery store, time spent cutting, chopping, CLEANING up, etc. It is totally worth it.

I plan to share the meals and my satisfaction here on the blog for anyone that's interested. I chose the following meals for my first Dream Dinners experience:

Baked Fish and Chips with Tarter Sauce
Toasted Pecan Chicken
Beef Pasta Bolognese
Savory Honey Grilled Chicken with Sesame Honey Butter
Steak Gorgonzola
Slow Cooked BBQ Beef with Rustic Country Rolls


  1. This sounds really cool. I look forward to seeing how you like the meals.

  2. Are you going to have more dinner like this one?


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