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Monday, August 3, 2009

Kindle, Battlestar Gallactica and Old Timey Photos.... Whew busy week.

I have totally neglected my blog this last week. I've been busy, but mainly it's because my boyfriend and I are totally obsessed with Battle Star Galactica. We have watched season two, in its entirety, in about a week and a half. =)

Also my Kindle reader has become a bit of an obsession. Mine has the speech to text option so I listen to it while I drive to and from work and I read every chance I get.... sometimes at work if I need a few minutes between clients. Right now I am reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. It is AMAZING. I'll write a full review when I've finished it.

This weekend I headed to VA Beach to my sister's house. My other sister and I traveled there for my mom's 60th birthday! We decided to get Old Timey Photos made this weekend. We actually spent all of our summers at the beach and never had these photos made. It was a lot of fun, expensive, but worth it. I'm at the top... cute, huh?

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  1. These are so fun!! My brothers did this in Cali, and they all dressed up like women and the girls dressed up like the men..it was hilarious!


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