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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Sale..... Selling Success Hypnosis

I've decided to start featuring a weekly sale. The sale item will be reduced to $16.99. Each week I'll change the featured item for sale. This week I decided to offer my Selling Success hypnosis CD.

This CD focuses on your unique personality and enhances your personality traits to help you be a successful seller. It gives you confidence to sell in a casual non-pressure oriented way.

One of my lovely blog readers shared this testimonial recently:
"I need to tell you that I recently purchased your Sales success cd. I have really made such progress, some on etsy, but mostly through local people buying my art, and even at my "real" job! I'm very happy with the results. Now if only you had one for becoming a millionaire - you should consider that!"

Any requests for my featured item next week?

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