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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cute ETSY Purchase

I just bought the cutest thing on ETSY. I was in the chat room today and saw a panda bear pass by. Here he is. I think she just relisted it too if anyone else wants one =)

I bought him because my nephew Kian loves pandas. He is only 10 months old but for some reason he loves pandas. I think it's because babies respond to black and white color pallets. He has a book with animals and always goes to the panda page. He also has one of those toys that the animals pop up when you push the button. If we put the panda up he will crawl from across the room to push it down. It's sooo cute.

The seller was really nice. She's mailing right to my sister and she's sending a little card too =)


  1. He is very cute, and his eyes are so sweet! I'm sure your nephew will LOVE him.

  2. I tried using it in the bathtub and Kian is scared to death of it lol. If it is even floating in the tub upside down he won't move and goes to one end of the tub. He is scared of puppets and such...guess he gets that from his aunt.


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