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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bring on the Theta Waves baby!

Okay, so I am a hypnosis geek. I love reading about Milton Erickson and hypnotic metaphors that promote change in people. That said, I'm really excited about my newest find. For quite a while not I have wanted to incorporate background music into my hypnosis Cd's and mp3 downloads. Occasionally someone will ask, "Do these Cd's have background music?" I always reply with something like, "no, I've chosen not to use music in the backgrounds." The reason I don't have music is really because of copyright issues. I can't use someone else's music and sell the Cd's as my "own" creation. Of course I have looked around for royalty-free background music. I can never decide....nature music, new age music, harps etc.??? When I occasionally embark on the search for royalty free music I am so shocked by the prices, I just decide it's not worth it. #34.99 for a :15 second clip! Then I would have to repeat the same sound loop over and over! Boring.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I found a royalty-free website that offers a 60 minute mp3 of hypnotic background music!! (for $44.00 and it's royalty free forever) The best part is this music has a pulsing beat that helps the brain reach the "Theta" State.

Theta Brainwaves (4-7 cps) occur in sleep and are dominant in our highest state of meditation. Normally, you will only experience theta waves as you drift off to sleep, during some dreaming, and as you return from the depths of Delta sleep. The pictures you perceive as you drift off and awaken arise from theta consciousness. During hypnosis achieving Theta is desirable, it's like you are in a waking dream. In this state, you are extremely receptive to information heard from a hypnotherapist. I spent most of last night adding this new age Theta wave background music to my hypnosis recordings.

I am excited about this for many reasons. Mostly because this will help my recordings be even more effective. Everyday I get such positive feedback and people share their wonderful success stories with me and I can't wait to hear how my customers feel about the effects of this new tool.
I'm also excited about the ever-evolving process that continues to make my recordings better and better. It's really amazing how much my recordings have changed. First, I had four topics offered for sale in my ETSY shop. Now I have close to thirty and many more to come.

I look back to when I decided to offer my recordings online, since then I've figured out how to convert my wave files into mp3's and then how to offer downloads and now how to add multi layered tracks to voice recordings. Well, I must give credit to my boyfriend as well. Without his help it might have taken me years to learn how to cut and past voice recordings, to convert mp3's and now to add music tracks to already recorded hypnosis sessions. Thank you Ken!


  1. HI!
    Your blog is very interesting and I really appreciate the way how you had portrait everything.

  2. So that's what theta waves are! I've been wondering what they were since my friends introduced me to Thetahealing. According to them, it has some therapeutic effect. After having read your blog, it seems that Theta waves should make you feel that you're full of energy. Now that I've confirmed what Theta waves do, I think I'm going to go for those Theta healing lessons.


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