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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Succulent Wife Market at 1000 Markets

I'm so very excited. About a week ago I got an email from a wonderful woman at 1000 markets named Anne-Marie. She invited me to join her new marketplace, The Succulent Wife's Marketplace.
The marketplace focuses on unique gifts that are made with passion and have spirit and meaning. She is handpicking items from different shops on 1000markets and is incorporating them into gift categories. Currently my hypnosis CD's are featured in Gifts for him (enhance sports performance hypnosis), Gifts for her (sleep soundly, relaxation, and weight loss hypnosis), Gifts for Mother's Day (relaxation) and Gifts for children (study effectively hypnosis).
She really has a talent for picking unique gifts. One new member of the marketplace has a fantastic shop. It's called ReArt. She describes her art as "...a convergence of personal joys, skills, visions and idiosyncrasies and I am delighted to share it. My pieces incorporate found objects and recycled odds and ends. I love to pick up rocks, beach glass and rusty things on the side of the road." Here are a few of my favorites in her shop:

Aren't those fabulous? Check her out if you get a chance.

I was asked to write a blog entry about being a hypnotherapist and the inspiration that led me to offering my hypnosis CD's online. I was also asked to provide a picture of myself. I quickly realized I really don't have many pictures of myself. Today I asked my boyfriend and his daughter to follow me around with a camera. I quickly realized I'm really not that photogenic, lol. I think I am much cuter ;) but here's the picture we decided on.
I hope anyone reading this blog will check out the new market. It's really great and I am honored to be apart of it.

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