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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everyone takes Polaroids of their significant other.......right?

I'm sitting here tired after a nostalgic evening. My sister decided a few weekends ago to raid my father's house. She took all the old VHS and 8mm videos she could find. There are about 20 videos all together. We figured out how to convert these old videos to a DVD, only we can't figure out how to edit the stupid tapes! It's very frustrating. There are literally hours of puppies sleeping................ and the sidewalks as we walk all over Disney World................. and my other sisters 5th grade production of Evita. lol.

Oh and there was a disturbing, brief, 30 second shot of some sort of Polaroids. Thank God they were out of focus. I think mom and dad might have gotten a little careless. Ugghh why is that still gross to me? Everyone has taken a picture with their significant other...right? .......... right?

Anyway, this weekend we are supposed to take our DVD collection to dads. Tomorrow is his birthday and we think he'll get a kick out of the surprise. My boyfriend wants to go with us. He is looking forward to seeing videos of me as a teenager. I was so embarrassed watching these old videos and embarrassed at the thought of him seeing me as a teenager. I discovered tonight what a brat I was! So totally different than I am now. Now I am an empathetic, confident and successful woman. right? lol.

I wonder why I'm embarrassed for him to see those videos? I know he loves me pretty much unconditionally. I wonder if everyone feels like this when they watch their old home movies? I know my sister Sara was totally embarrassed tonight when her boyfriend started watching. Hmmm, I'm curious now, wondering how others feel about this?

I'm going to spend Friday evening trying to figure out how to edit these videos for dad and for mom for mother's day.


  1. Don't be embarrassed. I bet you were adorable and he'll love it.

    Have fun! Sounds like a fantastic gift!


  2. A wonderful gift, I did something similar a few years ago. I made old photos into avideo with a soundtrack. It was very well received by all. Katherine

  3. My dad just converted all our home movies from my childhood. He took them somewhere and had them done, all the weirdness included, no editing.
    I was a little embarrassed for my husband to watch the ones from those awkward middle school years, but it was fun!
    Great gift. I'm sure he'll love it!


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