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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day. Why Do I Always Wait?

Anyone else wait until the last minute to do your taxes? Arrgghh, taxes are the bane of my existence. I avoid, avoid, avoid! Then I am sitting here on April 15th saying WHY didn't I do this sooner! I actually did start them about a month ago (yay me). I saved them to Turbo Tax. I went back three days ago and GONE! Every receipt from the last year had to be re-entered. I swear this year I will keep track of all my records. I say that every year. Maybe I need to listen to my end procrastination hypnosis CD.

Anyway, thank goodness for my computer genius boyfriend who painstakingly imported my Paypal records into Excel and created pivot table summaries to accuratley show all of my expenses organized into a zillion categories! I actually owe a large sum this year! I was feeling bummed about this but I am trying to be grateful that my business it generating enough revenue that I have to pay taxes on it =)
Happy Tax Day Everyone =)

Above photo is Vintage Victor Adding Machine from HappyDayVintage on ETSY.

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