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Friday, April 9, 2010

I was featured on Regretsy!

I am very excited to announce I have been featured on Regretsy! lol. I love that site. My Enhance Self Esteem hypnosis CD has been featured. The hilarious part is Helen's "No Regrets" hypnosis recording. She has a great voice actually =) 

I feel compelled to answer to some of the bashing...

- Yes, it is actually a creative process to develop a hypnosis script. I spend hours upon hours developing each hypnosis session. Then I record them and burn them to CD's (handmade).

- Yes, I am trained as a hypnotherapist. I am certified by the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. To become credentialed by them I must be a Licensed Therapist. To become Licensed I obtained my Master's Degree and passed rigorous requirements to become Licensed to practice as a therapist. 

- Yes, Hypnosis does work it is not "Holistic Horseshit" as Helen so eloquently categorized it. There are thousands of empirical studies that prove the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

hmmpphhh, had to get that out!

I am really glad I was on regretsy though. I was laughing my ass off at her hypnosis session and I sold the Self Esteem session within an hour of it being posted. Thank you Regretsy!


  1. So glad you got a sale out of it, lol!!!!

  2. Thank you Annette! I've actually made four since they posted it!

  3. Congrats! But you shoulda seen it comin'. hee hee. Oh yeah, that's psychics. But for real, congrats!


  4. haha sorry about that...well i hope you get sales by it!

  5. all anyone has to do is look at your feedback and they will know what you are selling is not crap. Some of the comments are funny, but others got on my nerves. Glad you got some sales out of it.


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