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Friday, February 26, 2010

Demystifying Hypnosis

I've been asked to write a series of articles about hypnosis! Anne-Marie at The Succulent Wife's Favorite Things invited me to demystify and educate people about the benefits of hypnosis. I'm really excited about this opportunity.

My first article discusses the common questions asked when someone first considers trying hypnosis. It addresses questions of "Will I be out of control?" and "Can I be hypnotized?"

My next article will address self hypnosis and ways to create your own hypnosis sessions at home.

Here is an excerpt from the article....

Did you know that you are hypnotized on a daily basis? Have you gotten to work only to realize you don’t actually recall driving there? Have you ever been watching television and realized five minutes later that your significant other has been talking to you? Have you ever completely zoned out during a meeting? All of these are examples of a naturally occurring state of relaxation that is also known as hypnosis.

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