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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thieving Monkey!

Still on vacation, sun burnt and sleepy already at 7:00 pm. Thought I would share an interesting part of the trip so far. We went on a boat tour around the chain of tiny volcanic islands known as the Granada Islets (Las Isletas de Granada). It was a great way to explore Lake Nicaragua. There are 365 islets in total. Some are inhabited, while others are barely large enough to hold a tree or two. You can purchase your own island here for about $100,000. Some of the houses were AMAZING.

One of the islands is inhabited by monkeys! We pulled up to look at the monkeys and one jumped in the boat. He proceeded to unzip all of our bags and search through our belongings. Finally, he came upon my nephew's sippy cup. He decided this was what he was looking for and confiscated it. He then sat on one of the boat seats and watched while everyone took pictures. Then he was off.... with the sippy cup...... back to his island!

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