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Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting Excited About My Trip to Nicarauga Next Week

I'm sitting here today trying to decide what to pack for my trip to Nicaragua next week. We are flying into Managua from Dulles. Then two days in Managua, the capitol of Nicaragua. Not exactly sure what we will do there but I plan on visiting Lake Managua and the Volcanoes.I do hope to have time for scuba diving while there. I hear they have freshwater sharks in this lake?? Kinda scary!

Then we are off to Granada for two days. I hear there is an amazing artist community in Granada where they sell handmade hammocks and other crafts. Our last three days will be spent in San Juan Del Sur....
I'm really hoping to take surfing lessons as well. I hear the surfing in Nicaragua is phenomenal. Hmm.. still trying to decide what to pack. I guess shorts, bathing suits and lots of sunblock!

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  1. You'll love it.
    For diving there is supposed to be a place at Laguna de Apoyo, near Granada. Never did it but have read about it.
    While in Granada if you are there on the weekend check out Cafe Nuit, half a block toward the lake from El Club.
    you can buy your sunblock when you get there, and pretty much all you need.
    the hammocks come from Masaya, on the way to Granada from Managua. While you are in Granada go to San Juan de Oriente for pottery, if you walk around the town you can see the pottery being made in people's houses.
    Breakfast is best at Kathy's Waffle House or at Eduard's Nica Cafe.
    Have fun, you'll love it.
    Gerry Volatile


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