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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Latest ETSY Acquisition and an Update on Dream Dinners

I've had my eye on this vinyl wall decal from singlestonestudios for quite sometime. My lovely sister bought this for me and I put it up on my living room wall over the weekend. I think the colors are fantastic with my blue walls! I hope the light doesn't melt it. So far so good =)

The Dream Dinners experiment is going well. So far we have made the Steak Gorgonzola and the Toasted Pecan Chicken. My boyfriend exclaimed "This is six servings?" I replied with "yes, honey this is six normal size servings". (He eats like a horse!) We were both full after we ate the steak with a side of roasted potatoes and we actually had leftovers! The gorgonzola butter sauce was fantastic!

The Toasted Pecan Chicken was also delicious. I thawed the meal the day before, took the chicken out of the yummy marinade and coated the chicken in the Pecan/Bread Crumb mixture! It was delicious. How can you go wrong with toasted pecans? I served it with a side of baked potatoes and salad.

Overall, I still feel that the price and ease of preparing these meals is well worth the price. The clean up was simple. Basically, throw the freezer bags in the trash.

Tomorrow night is the Beef Bolognese Pasta! I can't wait =)


  1. Funny, we had the toasted pecan chicken last night too. I was delicious! I hope you enjoyed your beef bolognese. Just updated my blog with the Nov menu ideas. StephanieAllen@wordpress.com Take care.


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