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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recent Vacation.... Wish I was still there.

I thought I would share some pictures from my recent vacation. We went to St. Pete Beach in Florida. We just randomly picked this beach mainly due to the cost ;) We did get a pretty good deal but spent way too much on expensive restaurants with delicious seafood. We were totally lazy for the first three days. We basically spent all day in the water, which was very clear, floating on rafts. I of course got sunburned even with 80 block on! (the curse of being a redhead)

On the fourth day, I decided we would be adventurous and take the trolley up the gulf coast ending up at Clearwater Beach. I suggested we just randomly stop at the different stops that looked interesting, explore and swim at the various beaches. We ended up stopping at some really cute but touristy type places. Clearwater Beach is sooo different than St. Pete. Very touristy! I liked our beach much more.

Overall, it was fun and relaxing. The flights were smooth and the hotel was pretty nice for the price. (Tradewinds Sandpiper) We had our own cabanas on the beach that provided somewhat of a respite from the Florida sun in July. We saw fish, stingrays (stingray?), horseshoe crabs and I think I saw a barracuda but I didn't tell Ken and Savannah. (They might have freaked!)

We decided next time we will definitely drive rather than fly (cost) and we will actually buy some groceries instead of eating three meals a day at restaurants.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.....
I put the rest up on facebook.

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