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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Sale.... Weight Loss Hypnosis CD or Mp3

This week's sale is my Weight Loss Hypnosis CD at a reduced cost of $16.99.

Through hypnosis you will learn to look at food differently and change your habits permanently. Hypnosis is very easy and often takes little or no willpower. Instead of staying on the diet roller coaster, you will see and enjoy lasting effects in just a few sessions.

"I've lost 11 lbs in 2months. If I could find the time to dedicate and listen the way I should I think I could lose more. I really think this is a great product. I find my self remembering some of the words during the day and it helps me stay on track. Thanks so much!!!"

This CD is also available as an mp3. If you choose this option I will refund you the shipping cost through Paypal.


  1. I highly recommend the weightloss recording. I have the Mp3 and it's helped me tremendously!



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