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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Itunes Codes....

I'm loving this song Jailer from ASA. The genre is Afro-Pop. Very laid back reggae style. I just listened to her album 'ASA' on Rhapsody and I'm loving her voice. I think my favorite track is "No One Knows"

Here are some free Itunes codes if you want to hear "Jailer".
1. 4wxwe3frr6ff
2. ht6nphkfjkfw
3. jj4pja64mmeh
4. kr9m994fjf77
5. f73xptxjr6f4

Please comment with the number you use to make it easier for everyone.

I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hmm,someone used all my codes and didn't tell me. Bummer! Next time I think I'll email the codes to anyone who wants one.

  2. Can you send me one to steelersfan028@yahoo.com. Please thank you I've been looking for 1 for ever but they are all used

  3. please will you send me one.. michmashlev@googlemail.com
    many thanks

  4. can you send me one PLEASE

    my email is cjimmy1000@aol.com

    Thank You


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